Sunday Adult/Jr  :

Starts 1/7/18  1:00pm – Ends April 29th 2018

  The team consists of one adult and one child under the age of 18. It’s such a great way to spend sometime together on the weekend! It does not have to be a parent for the adult! You can get your aunt or uncle, big brother or sister (over 18) or your super cool next door neighbor! It’s fun, relaxed, and a great way to make new friends. We give awards for getting over your average each week, and celebrate all the holidays for the kiddos!


Sunday Casino     Starts 9/10/17  6:30pm



Ladies:      6:30 Sept 12th Starts 9/11/17

Mens :  4 Team League

Bill Weber Memorial  : 6:30 Sept 11th



**12 x 12 league

All Bowlers will receive a brand new Ebonite Bowling Ball

Bowl every Wed. for 12 weeks at $12 per week per bowler!
4 per team any combination: Men and Women
This will be a non-sanctioned League

Starts: Tuesday Jan 2nd, 2018 @ 6:30 pm
Ends Tues. March 20, 2018


Tuesday Men’s Trio:
$20 a person, each week. This league is great for someone who’s skilled and competitive. But, that’s not a requirement! They are open to anyone who wants to join, and also, always willing to give pointers to new bowlers! Come as an individual or a team!


Tuesday Afternoon Ladies 4 person team
Enjoy Socializing, celebrating birthdays, Holidays with yummy goodies!
Have 10 teams, always looking for ladies, even as a sub! Fun, non pro, League!

AM Seniors Open Play  11am come enjoy Free Coffee , 3 Games, Social Fun $5.25

Starts 9/5/17  12:30pm


Mens  9/5/17  6:45pm


Ladies             9:30  Starts  8/30:
Wednesday morning ladies is a laid back & fun trio league. They have breakfast once a month (a covered dish is brought by everyone), and it is bubbly & outgoing! $13 a week. Always looking for individual’s as well as teams! Starts at 9:15am, ends around 11:30am.


J. Coker Construction 6:45 pm ( October)
Wednesday Coker league is a mixed league with 5 people on a team. It’s relaxed, party atmosphere, great for those looking for a fun evening out. Any mix of men and women!


Sunshiners       9:00  Starts 9/7/17 :
The Sunshiner’s is a senior citizen league. Thursday mornings, $7 each week, free coffee, fellowship, & fun! Great for retired people looking for a new hobby!

Friends:          6:30 Starts 8/31/17


*Friday Fun League: every other Friday –
Sept. 8th  through April 20th @ 6:30pm

Legion   Leftovers      6:30 Starts 9/8/17


Kremer Realty    6:30 Sept 10th
Starts 9/16/17

Diamond Title    6:30 Sept 17th

Juniors       10am    Starts 9/10/17:
Saturday morning juniors a league for kids, 5 year olds and up. Start their bowling experience with us! 3 games includes shoes. We celebrate all birthdays and holidays, and make it a fun morning for your child. We will have coaches on hand each morning to give tips, advice, and make your child feel as comfortable as possible.
It’s $11 per child, each week.